Do you have a volunteer spirit? We bet you do!

Posted: September 9, 2010 in How We Help, News, Success Stories, Volunteerism

Hundreds of volunteers help The Salvation Army each year in its mission of "Doing the Most Good." Volunteers are a vital part of The Salvation Army's success in helping those in need.

Every day, The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command provides food, shelter, clothing, compassion and life-saving assistance to residents of Oklahoma County and surrounding areas.

But, without the help of volunteers – those people who give their valuable time to help – we wouldn’t be as successful in our mission of “Doing the Most Good.”

People want to help their fellow man. I honestly believe that. It’s also proven that people who volunteer lead happier and healthier lives.

So, what is a volunteer. By definition, a volunteer assists organizations without pay, but are subject to the same policies that apply to salaried staff. Basically, a volunteer is like an employee, but gives of their time and effort through compassion and their own goodness.

In a new report by The Independent Sector on giving and volunteering in the U.S., more than 83.9 million people over the age of 21 volunteer.

On average, volunteers spend 3.6 hours a week in service each year, and 85 percent of non-profit agencies rely on volunteer help.

Some kudos for the ladies: Women (46 percent) are more likely to volunteer than men (42 percent).

So, do you think you want to be a volunteer? Traits that make up a good volunteer for The Salvation Army include:

* A true desire to help others and a true affection for one’s fellow man

* A cheerful and willing demeanor to do even the most tedious of tasks

* A true interest in the welfare of others and for the organization

* A willingness to learn new skills or get hands dirty

* Time available to spend volunteering.

Does this sound like you? If so, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Lois Green at 405-246-1101 or by email at


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