Did you feel that???

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Disaster Relief, News, Uncategorized, Volunteerism

Salvation Army Central Oklahoma responds following the May 2010 tornado.

Yes, Oklahoma City had an earthquake today!

According to the National Geological Survey, a Magnitude 4.3 earthquake occurred in the Lake Thunderbird area approximately 6 miles east of Norman at 9:06 this morning. It was felt as far away as Tulsa, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas.

Here at The Central Oklahoma Area Command, the quake made our two-story brick structure jump through a loud banging noise. Sounded like someone rammed a dump truck into the building!

Although no serious damage or injuries are being reported, The Salvation Army would have been ready had the earthquake caused more damage. Everywhere around the world, The Salvation Army responds to natural and man-made disasters, from hurricanes to mudslides to earthquakes and everything else. This year, The Salvation Army provided food, water, clean up and emotional care to those affected not only by the ice storms and tornadoes that hit Oklahoma, but to the Hurricane in Haiti and in South America, the floods in Pakistan, the floods in the Midwest, mudslides in South America and more.

Want to become a first-line responder in the time of disaster? Call 405-246-1100 to learn how you can be trained to be a disaster response volunteer.

When you’ve lost everything, the Salvation Army Shield, along with a cool drink, hot meal and warm hug, can go a long way in recovery.


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