Buck$ 4 Bikes – Making Christmas Dreams Come True

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Holiday News, How We Help, News, Success Stories, Uncategorized, Women's Auxiliary

At 7:30 this morning, an Old Dominion freight truck pulled up to The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command’s loading dock with a delivery that will bring joy to hundreds of needy children in the city.

The truck brought in 581 new bikes, purchased from the funds raised by the Women’s Auxiliary’s Buck$ 4 Bikes program. This is the fifth year of Buck$ 4 Bikes. 

“All these bikes will go to children in the Oklahoma City area through our Angel Tree program,” said D’Anna Pulliam, Women’s Auxiliary member and coordinator of Buck$ 4 Bikes. “Each year, the number one gift request we get from children is for bicycles. Our goal is to make sure that every child who asks for a bike gets one. It’s sometimes the only Christmas wish these children have.”

 Once again this year, Old Dominion Freight Lines has hauled the bikes for FREE from the bike manufacturer’s warehouse in Carson, Calif., to Oklahoma City. This is the 4th consecutive year that Old Dominion has provided free freight, which allows the  Women’s Auxiliary to spend every buck on the purchase of new bikes.

 Bikes are purchased unassembled directly from a national bicycle company. Buck$ 4 Bikes raised money throughout the year to be able to provide new bikes to Angel Tree children for Christmas 2010. 

 North OKC Rotary Club purchased 48 of these new bikes and will be at Area Command for the delivery Thursday morning.  The North OKC Rotary Club, along with East Oklahoma County Rotary Club, members of Oklahoma Bicycle Society, employees of Old Dominion Freight Lines, and professional bike mechanics from local bicycle shops, will assemble the bikes on Dec. 4.

 Buck$ 4 Bikes purchased 382 new bikes for Christmas 2009.


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