Gobble It Up – Sal Army Gives Thanksgiving Turkeys to Families

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Holiday News, How We Help, News, Success Stories
Major Dan Proctor helps give Thanksgiving items to clients at The Salvation Army.

With special thanks to Cargill Meat and Honeysuckle White, The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command is providing 400 families with the makings of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

As part of its national More To Share® hunger-fighting program, Cargill Meat Solutions, producers of Honeysuckle White® turkey products, donated 150 turkeys to The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command to help feed the hungry of Central Oklahoma during the holidays.

Approximately 200 families were given turkeys on Tuesday, Nov. 16 with another 200 families receiving turkeys on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

 “So many families are struggling this year, and The Salvation Army is doing the most good by providing a traditional holiday meal to those who may not be able to afford it this year,” said Ashley Jones, director of Social Services.

“Our senior citizens especially seem to be suffering more. By providing turkeys from Honeysuckle White and other items, The Salvation Army will help families celebrate this holiday despite their troubles.”

The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City, Inc. has also donated Thanksgiving “Pet Food Platters” that will be given to seniors who requested pet food.

The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City provides pet food and services to low-income senior citizens and to the homeless. Many times, seniors share their food with their pets, thus taking food from their own plate so their pet can eat.

 “We are especially thankful to The Pet Food Pantry for bringing food items for pets as well,” said Jones. “For our seniors especially, pets offer companionship and are vital to the well being our clients. But, we do not want anyone making the choice between feeding themselves or their pets.”


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