Give joy – receive joy back!

Posted: January 6, 2011 in News, Success Stories, Uncategorized, Volunteerism

Ted Williams - before and after the YouTube video that changed his life.

A homeless man in Columbus, Ohio, who carried a sign touting his voice got a few minutes of video time, and the job offers started rolling in. He says he became interested in radio as a young man, but other things intervened, like drugs and alcohol.
Clean for some months now, this man was among the hundreds who stand by major roadways with a sign asking for help. He traded his “golden radio voice” for dollars from drivers.
Ted Williams was homeless. But he was hopeful.
One person – just one – made a video of this fella doing his radio voice and put it on YouTube. That video went viral overnight, and within days, this homeless man had a numerous job offers and a new chance at life.
Can you imagine changing someone’s life that much with one simple act?
By taking that video, the author of the YouTube shot changed one man’s life in ways that he probably never imagined.
Giving joy is the most joyous act a human being can do. Who can you reach out today to with a smile, a kind word, a simple favor or even just a kind thought?
Whose life can you change with one simple act of kindness?
Think about that today.
Do whatever it takes to find your joy and then keep ramping up the level of your joy. It’s contagious.
Joy attracts more joy… and you may just make a big difference today.
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