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The cots were already pulled and ready at The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command shelters.

Food was stocked. Arrangements were being made to handle not only the influx of people needing shelter, but also how to handle employees not being able to make it to work.

This was Monday. The snow hadn’t even fallen yet, but The Salvation Army was making preparations. We, like everyone else in Oklahoma, knew this storm was going to be one for the books.

Wow! Were they right!

On Monday night, 88 people sought shelter at The Salvation Army’s Men’s and Family Shelter. Of those, 12 were children.

Blankets, heat and comfortable beds, mats and cots made sure we could handle any amount of people. If need be, we could have moved people into our gymnasium area because during this storm, “WE WERE NOT TURNING ANYONE AWAY.”

Luckily, it seemed many people already had shelter. Still, we saw the number of clients increase from Monday night into Thursday night. On Tuesday night, we had 28 extra people sleeping on cots in the Men’s Lodge.

With that, we also made sure everyone stayed fed and full, which was quite an adventure in that only the Lodge monitor was available. He not only made sure breakfast (biscuits and sausage) was served for breakfast, but also cooked lunch and dinner for everyone while also running the lodge.

Keri, our kitchen manager, braved the streets on Wednesday and was finally able to get to the Red Shield Kitchen to help cook.

In all, over the past three days, more than 1,000 meals were served to those staying with The Salvation Army and to those who just needed a hot meal.

Now that this storm winds down, please rummage through your closets for your blankets. We’ll need donated blankets after this as many of the clients will take these warm necessities with them when they leave.

As always, call 405-246-110 for more information!

God bless, and stay warm!