The Sweetest Gifts For Valentine

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Holiday News, How We Help, News, Uncategorized

It’s Valentine’s Day today. 

A holiday to show appreciation to the ones you love, Valentine’s Day is the day of first dates, anniversary dinners, bouquets of roses and hundreds of thousands of boxes of chocolate.

It’ll also cost you. The average bouquet of a dozen roses can run between $50 to $200. Jewelry – especially diamonds – can cost you even more!

But, for the frugal romantics out there, gifts do come for $25, a bargain when faced with a hundred-dollar bouquet of flowers that will die in a week.

For instance, for $25 you can buy:

* Cute message candles

* Mini gift basket of lotions

* A single rose

* An engraved purse mirror

* Two steaks, purchased at the grocery store, and grilled at home

* A silver photo frame

* A stuffed animal.

See, $25 can do a lot! Just because something is small – under $25, in this case – doesn’t mean that it doesn’t carry immense value to the person receiving the gift.

The Salvation Army is a perfect example. You may not think that a donation of $25 makes a big difference when faced with the overwhelming poverty and suffering in the world, but here’s an example of what $25 can do:

* Feed a family of four for a week – longer if they visit The Salvation Army Food Pantry

* Can purchase yarn and quilting supplies for one large quilt made by seniors in a Salvation Army Senior Center

* Can purchase nearly 10 packs of underwear for children returning to school.

* Can purchase two box fans to give to the elderly during the summer heat.

* Can buy 5 new Bibles for men staying in the Men’s Shelter

* Can purchase 4 large cans of coffee to give to the homeless on a cold winter day

* Can buy board games and books for children staying in the Family Shelter.

Again, $25 is looking to be a pretty powerful number.

So, when you’re rushing out to buy that last-minute gift for your Valentine, remember it’s not how much you spend, but how much joy and love you give.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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