FANS FANS FANS – We’re YOUR Biggest Fan!

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Disaster Relief, How We Help, News, Success Stories

Wow, what an amazing night Monday!

With the help of KFOR-TV and the Bricktown Rotary, a massive box fan drive was held at Rococo’s on N. Penn Ave. For those of you who don’t know, Rococo’s is one of the best restaurants in Oklahoma City and are famous for their “cookies,” which are actually little savory appetizers topped with delightful cheeses, sausages, crab and more.

Truly a team effort, this fan drive not only brought in well over 200 actual box fans, but over $2,000 in donations. All in all, we are able to provide 400 box fans, thanks to Rococo’s, KFOR and The Bricktown Rotary. That means 400 senior citizens and families will find a bit of relief from this deadly heat due to the generosity of Oklahoma City citizens.

But, man, was it HOT! Well over 100 degress, The Salvation Army and its partners stood out in the blistering heat to hand out coupons for free “cookies” to those who donated a new fan. Inside, donors and supporters enjoyed cool drinks and delicious appetizers.

KFOR’s Scott Hines was a real powerhouse yesterday, doing live shot after live shot at the event. Lamar Advertising donated space on their digital billboards all Monday long to promote the event. Members of Bricktown Rotary reached out to their networks to encourage donations.

What resulted was one of the most successful drives we’ve seen.

I’ll have photos up soon. I have a few favorites, including the little girl who gave up her birthday money in order to buy fans to donate.

For those still wanting to help out, you can drop off new box fans at our Social Services office at 501 S. Harvey or mail donations to PO Box 2095, Oklahoma City, OK 73101. In this heat, we’ve seen over nine deaths already this summer. Please help The Salvation Army save lives by “Doing the Most Good.”


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