Wheel Opportunity – Bus Passes for Hope!

Posted: December 14, 2011 in How We Help, News, Uncategorized, Volunteerism
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For many in need, a simple $4 bus pass can mean the difference between a job or unemployment, a much needed trip to the doctor or a chance to change a life.

Because of the limited funding to provide bus passes to those in need, runhers, a women’s organization with headquarters in OKC, is partnering with The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command to provide bus passes that provides hope and opportunity to those who are suffering.

“During runhers’ meetings with The Salvation Army team, we asked where we could have high community impact on people in need – outside of the traditional great work Salvation Army does with the Red Kettle Drive and the Brad Edwards’ Warmth 4 Winter Coat Project, amongst other projects,” said runhers Energy Director Sara McCauley.

“This seemed to be an area where we could have very high impact.”

Salvation Army Residential Shelter Director Janet Miller said few understand how important transportation is to those seeking employment or who are homeless and in transition.

“When you provide transportation to individuals in need, you are actually participating in that person’s day and perhaps future,” said Miller. “The bus pass you provide for one day may be the day that she/he lands the job, enters school, goes to the doctor, graduates, finds housing, delivers a baby or reunites with a loved one. Every one of these things we may take for granted, but these so many more things have occurred on a bus pass.”

For the 2011 Christmas Season, runhers is collecting cash and checks to give to The Salvation Army to provide transportation (movement/freedom/possibilities).

“Our goal is to buy as many $4 and $1.50 passes as we can,” McCauley said. “Metro Transit has indicated that they can work with The Salvation Army on better bulk rates when we pass $500.”

runhers will donate the first $100.

Those wishing to contribute can mail checks or donations to: The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma – “Bus Passes”, c/o runHers LLC, P.O. Box 720627, Oklahoma City, OK 73127.

“Life is not static; it is a dynamic and an ever-changing motion picture. Providing transportation enables individuals to actively participate in life,” said Miller.

“Without transportation, one finds themselves standing on the sidelines unable to fully participate in daily routines that most of us take for granted. A bus pass is seemingly such a small thing, yet the potential it holds for someone’s life is enormous.”


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