No One Should Go Hungry – Pets Need Help Too

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

ImageThrough a new partnership with The Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City, Inc., The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command’s Social Services office will take applications from seniors in need to provide pet food for their dog or cat.

“We are partnering with The Pet Food Pantry to reduce hunger in pets by providing free pet food to seniors in need, enabling them to keep their companion animal with them without having to share their regular food,” said Ashley Jones, Social Services director.

“Many times, seniors will reduce their own food supplies due to sharing food with their pets. This is another way to combat hunger in Central Oklahoma.”

Kim Pempin, founder and president of The Pet Food Pantry said the organization is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of pets and the people who love them by providing pet food to low-income seniors and the homeless.

 “The people we help love their pets unconditionally and will give them their last bite of food before letting them go hungry,” she said.

 “Our efforts have effects far beyond the care of the pets themselves. By providing pet food to those in need, pets and the people who love them don’t go hungry. With this partnership, we are able to identify more senior pet owners in need and provide an additional resource for those looking for help.”

 Applicants are required to bring the following documentation to the appointment:

1)        Picture ID – (Driver’s License, State Issued ID, Governmental/Military ID, or Passport or ID from Country of Origin) for ALL adult household members

2)        Social Security Cards, legal documents bearing Social Security numbers or equivalent documentation from Country of Origin for ALL household members.

3)        Proof of Residency – lease agreement/mortgage payment

4)        Proof of Household Income – award letter, pay stub, unemployment verification.  If NO income verification please bring DHS Benefits Statement (must include name, birth date, social security number, benefit type and amount)

5)        Proof of Expenses (Household, vehicles, medical, etc.)

6)        Proof of spay/neuter/vaccination records

7)        Applicants must reside inOklahomaCounty

 “Many of our clients live on a fixed income and in some instances have to make a choice between feeding themselves or their pet,” said Jones. “Partnering will allow us to provide pet food to seniors and identify additional household needs such as a food basket, warm jackets, utility assistance or hot nutritious meals.”

The Pet Food Pantry works with local food pantries, senior citizen and homeless programs to identify those in need of free pet food and services.

 In June, 2010, the Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City, Inc. officially opened its doors to provide food and related services to the pets of low-income senior citizens and those who are homeless. This program not only enables the elderly and homeless to keep their companion animals, it also helps reduce the number of pets being abandoned or surrendered to shelters and rescue organizations. Please visit their web site at to learn more.

 In 2010, the Pet Food Pantry worked with The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma to provide pet gift baskets to eligible applicants for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In 2011, they provided pet gift baskets to eligible seniors for Christmas.

 For more information on applications, call The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Social Services office at 405-246-1060 or email


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