Summer brings challenge, high demand to Salvation Army

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Uncategorized


Salvation Army Social Services Director Ashley Jones gives a box fan to a client in need to help beat last year’s brutal heat. Summer brings added challenges for our clients.

The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command is throwing out its net in search of monetary donations to help the needy and the destitute.
“We are concerned that we won’t be able to help people arriving at our door through the summer,” says Major Dan Proctor, area commander. “The Salvation Army has always relied on the generosity of local residents to help us do our work, and we are making a special plea at this time for support.”
Last summer, The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma helped more than 139,000 people – and anticipates more need this summer.
“Our holiday donations have long since been depleted, and we have little left to work with,” said Major Proctor. “With Oklahoma’s brutal summer on the way, we anticipate more people turning to us for box fans, utility assistance and food.”
Besides feeding hungry people, The Salvation Army provides clothing for the needy, shelter for homeless people and counseling for the sick at heart.
Who are the truly needy? Among them are hardworking, low-income families whose food budgets stretch to the breaking point in summer, when their children no longer receive federal school lunches. Others include laid-off workers who have run through their savings while seeking new employment.
These seasonal visitors to The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command swell the ranks of the regulars − the homeless, chronically unemployed and physically and mentally ill who receive food, clothing, shelter and counseling throughout the year.
During the summer, The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma will act as a Cool Zone when temperatures reach over 100 degrees and will hand out box fans if available to the elderly, the chronically ill and those with infants in the home. Utility assistance requests also increase dramatically in the summer months.
“As a result, we find all of our supplies running low in the summer,” said Ashley Jones, social services director for The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma.
To donate to The Salvation Army, call 1-800-SAL-ARMY, 405-246-1100 or mail gifts to PO Box 2095, Oklahoma City, OK 73101 – ATTN: Summer Needs or make a donation online at

Visitors may also follow The Salvation Army at Salvation Army Oklahoma City on Facebook or @Salvationarmyok on Twitter.


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