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May 14-20 is  National Salvation Army Week, and we in Central Oklahoma celebrate the  important work that our volunteers contribute each and every day.

In the spirit of “Doing the Most Good,” The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma asks, “How do you do the most good?”

Share your story about how you help your community. We want to hear from supporters, volunteers,  employees, and fans and followers on social media about how you volunteer and help  your communities. You can send a photo or make a video or share your story on how YOU do the most good.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference, now is your chance. We’ve got a few ideas on how to get started, including:

* When you buy in bulk, share your surplus by dropping off any non-perishable food item to your local Salvation Army.

* Bring flowers to work and share them with your coworkers.

* Volunteer to be a tutor in a Salvation Army after-school program.

* Join The Salvation Army in their visits to sing to seniors and residents of nursing homes.

* Offer a couple of hours of baby-sitting service to friends and family.

* Have a Salvation Army Doing the Most Good Day at work, with employees bringing nonperishable food and toys to donate to the charity.

* Pay a compliment to someone at least once a day.

* Call or visit a housebound person or older relative.

* Volunteer at your local Salvation Army Center.

* Give the gift of your smile to everyone you meet.

* Do the WRITE thing by sending a few kind words and a cookie or two to our soldiers overseas, especially on May 19, 2012, which is Armed Forces Day.

* Tell your husband/wife or children why you love them.

* Give your stuff a second life by donating old clothes to The Salvation Army Family and Thrift Stores.

* Tell your coworkers that you think they’re doing a good job.

* Give new toys or books to children at a Salvation Army shelter.

* For one week, act on every single thought of generosity that comes in your heart. Notice what happens.

* Say thank you.

* While in a restaurant, pay for the meals at another table. Instruct the waitress to give you that table’s check, quietly without notice.

* Cut someone’s grass or weed or plant flowers in someone’s garden.

* Drop off a bag of groceries on someone’s doorstep.

* Go to a nursing home and bring an anonymous bouquet of flowers. Visit the Warr Acres Senior Center at noon this Wednesday and join the residents for an ice-cream social.

* Put quarters in expired or about-to-be-expired parking meters.

Take pictures of “Doing the Most Good” this week and post them to our Facebook page at or on twitter at @salvationarmyok.


To donate, call 1-800-Sal-Army or visit


smileGo into any bookstore, any blog site and any lifestyles magazine, and you’ll find hundreds of books and articles about how to be happy.

Why is it so difficult for us as a nation to simply be happy? To appreciate all that our life offers and to maintain a smile in our hearts and joy in our souls.

For many, life is difficult. You and I both have times when we struggle financially or hit a down point or just get frustrated and angry. Even those we perceive as “rich” aren’t as happy as logic would dictate.
So what gives? What can we do to boost our joy and ramp up our appreciation for life.

There are ton of tips out there. Some of my favorite, which I try to practice every day, include:

* Practice Being Grateful. Loving and appreciating what you already have is a simple and fast way to improve your mood. I’m thankful that I have access to hot water each morning, I’m grateful that I have people in my life who love me, I’m grateful I have a satisfying job to go to and I’m grateful for my health.

* Choose Positivity. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you decide to succeed or fail, you are right.” When looking at any situation, try to find the positive road. Instead of saying “I can’t,” say “I can.” If something bad happens, focus on how to turn it around instead of dwelling on the awfulness. Always expect good things – don’t anticipate that only bad will happen.

sleep* Sleep more and exercise regularly. Hundreds of studies prove that getting a full, rested night sleep does wonders for mood and mental health. The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Try to get into a routine of going to be bed at the same hour. Exercising at least 20 minutes a day (even a brisk walk) not only improves your overall health, but also relieves stress and simplu makes you feel good!

* Find Your Purpose in Life. People have a mission or goal – whether it’s starting a new hobby or losing 10 pounds or cultivating a relationship with God —  are happier than those who don’t work toward goals. Having a goal provides a sense of purpose, bolsters self-esteem and brings people together.

NOW HERE’S A BIGGIE: GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY. Yes, volunteering and giving to help others is proven to make us happier overall.

volunteerAccording to a recent article on LiveScience, “New research reveals that when individuals dole out money for gifts for friends or charitable donations, they get a boost in happiness while those who spend on themselves get no such cheery lift. Elizabeth Dunn, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia, gave 46 students envelopes containing a either $5 bill or a $20 bill and told them how to spend it, those who shelled out on others (donating to charity or giving a gift) were happier at the end of the day than those who blew it on themselves (to pay a bill or indulge in a treat).”

The Salvation Army is blessed with volunteers and donors who willingly give to help others who are struggling with finances, food and happiness. Want to volunteer? We’d love to have you!!! Give yourself the gift of happiness while giving others the gift of security and health.

Please feel free to call us at any time at 405-246-1100.



The song “Silver Bells” was inspired by Salvation Army Bellringers, and this year, The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command is hoping the spirit of Christmas will inspire others to help us reach our goal this year.

Because of several rain days, The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma is currently almost $13,000 under what we raised this same time last year, and in order to meet this year’s goal of $464,000, we have to raise $22,000 each day until Dec. 23.

Why is it so important? Every dollar that goes into The Salvation Army Kettle today helps us feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe the needy and provide hope all year long. On average, more than 160,000 Central Oklahomans turn to The Salvation Army for assistance with more than 3000,000 meals served.

That’s thanks to donations from donors like you.

Our big bane this year was the rain. Every rain day means a serious drop in donations, and this year had lots of rain days.

Please, when you see a bellringer standing out in the cold these next few days, please consider giving. Your dollar will help a stranger in need.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

The 2011 Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Christmas season kicks off this month not only with the Annual Red Kettle Campaign and Angel Tree program, but with a familiar “face” as well.

 Rumble the Bison, mascot for The Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team, is the honorary chair of The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma’s annual Christmas campaign. Fans can expect to see the bison ringing bells, hanging Angels on the Angel Tree and encouraging others to give.

 “Rumble is a beloved personality in Central Oklahomaand throughout the state. In addition, Rumble is famous for giving his time and talents to help better our community, so we invited him to be the face of the Christmas campaign this year,” said Area Commander Major Dan Proctor. “The honorary chair is chosen for his or her commitment to the community… I think it’s safe to say this is the first time a bison has been chosen.”

 As the honorary chair, Rumble will kick off  The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign at 10 a.m. Nov. 25 at the Norman Walmart on Interstate Dr., and will unveil this year’s Angel Tree at 10:30 a.m. Nov. 18 at Quail Springs Mall. In addition, he will be in all of The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma’s promotions for Christmas.

 “The Thunder is proud to continue its partnership with the Salvation Army. Together we will be able to touch the lives of thousands of Oklahomans during the holiday season. This year we are especially thrilled for Rumble to chair the prominent Red Kettle campaign,” said Thunder Director of Community Relations Christine Berney.

 Fans can keep track of Rumble throughout the campaign on his Facebook (rumblethebison) and twitter (@rumblethebison) page, Berney added.  

 Since his debut in 2009, Rumble the Bison has completed over 1,200 community appearances throughout the state of Oklahoma, averaging more than 400 a season. In addition to birthday parties, city parades and school visits, Rumble can be spotted supporting non-profit agencies across the state. He annually participates in Central Oklahoma’s Race for the Cure, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon as Kids Chair, the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree launch and the United Way Campaign for Central Oklahoma.

 The Salvation Army uses Red Kettle donations for services to the Central Oklahoma area, capped off by its Christmas assistance program. Last year, Central Oklahomashoppers donated more than $430,000 to the Red Kettles, the most ever raised in the area.

 Throughout the past years, The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma continues in its mission of “Doing the Most Good” and has seen an increase in services. The Salvation Army depends upon Kettle donations and other fundraising efforts throughout the Christmas season to help feed, clothe and shelter people all year long. .

 The Salvation Army will once again provide toys and clothes to 2,000 families in Central Oklahoma through the Angel Tree program with Angel Trees located at both Penn Square and Quail Springs malls. Gifts are also given to nursing home residents.

 The Salvation Army and its officers are deeply committed to carrying out its ministry not only during the holiday season, but year round, said Major Proctor.

 “Although our visibility is more heightened during the holidays, it is important that the community knows that our programs are ongoing,” said Major Proctor.  “We all need to come together to revitalize and strengthen the core of our local community by ‘Doing the Most Good’ and offering support any way we can. Rumble also brings the community together, so he is a perfect fit for our Christmas outreach.”

 To volunteer to ring bells or for more information about Christmas programs and events planned by The Salvation Army, call Heide Brandes or Lois Green at 405-246-1100. Paid bell ringing positions are also available, although volunteers are preferred.